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Loyola is situated amidst rolling green hills that become even greener during the Monsoons. There is a small valley just behind the school where students can go to learn about nature from first principles – observing the struggle of the tadpoles in the stream or observing the flight of butterflies on the wild-flowers, they learn valuable life-lessons that are so necessary for success in the real world.

The hill also serves another important purpose – cross-country training. Many an Ex-Loyolite will remember the regular short cross-country run to Black-Rock or White-Rock, and the occassional longer version that also included Four-Poles. These cross-country runs may have been enjoyed or resented at the time but no one can deny that they help to develop some very important qualities in the students – endurance and will-power – qualities that will enable students to face and overcome many a challenge in their journey through life.
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