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A large wood-panelled hall filled with wooden and metal cabinets as far as the eye can see – cabinets full of all kinds of books and novels, and science and nature magazines – some from almost fifty years ago. The walls are hung with maps, photos and inspirational quotes from great leaders from the past. There is an almost complete silence in the room – the only sounds being that of rustling pages, barely-audible whispers and an occasional soft clunk of a cabinet door being closed. There is a large reading-room on the mezzanine complete with a large variety of childrens books – everything from comics to classics.

This is the Loyola Library, and it serves an extremely important function – it helps in forming the habit of reading and instills a love of the written word in young children. The importance of extra-curricular reading cannot be emphasized enough, especially in today's world of digital and online media, television and other forms of instant gratification entertainment. Good books compel children to use their imagination to paint in the spaces left by the author and so encourage creative thinking and freedom of expression. A well-read person is also generally an articulate person and a very good communicator – traits that are indispensible in today's connected world.

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