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The first thing that strikes you when you see the classrooms in Loyola is that the windows are huge and they have no bars! That is not to say that they are unsafe, because the windows also have high window-sills, and there are attentive teachers and capable class-monitors in each classroom. At the same time, the open windows do typify the attitude of openness that is required for effective learning – the lack of bars being further symbolic of open minds that are not barred by pre-conceived notions or prejudice.

Not only the windows but the classrooms themselves are also huge, airy and well- lit. This encourages a sense of freedom and provides space (both physically and meta-physically) for the students to learn and grow in each and every class. Having well-equipped classrooms with comfortable benches, a large blackboard, enough storage and wall space for students' charts and other projects is one of the benefits taken for granted by Loyola students.

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