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"I have a dream" - said Dr Martin Luther King, Jr. in 1963 in a famous speech delivered from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Many consider it a defining moment of the American Civil Rights movement. Two years before that, Fr. Rudolf Schoch, SJ, too had a dream that in its own way was a defining moment in the field of quality education in Pune.

Fr. Schoch dreamt of building a world-class English medium school based on the time-honored values and principles of the Jesuit Society that was founded by St. Ignatius of Loyola more than 450 years ago. A school that would be dedicated to complete all-round development of its students - not just academic and intellectual, but also social, personal and spiritual. A school that would instill values of honesty, integrity, loyalty and honor even as it taught basic Algebra and Geometry. A school that would enable its students to understand the unwritten laws governing human nature even as they learnt about Newton's three laws of motion. A school that would forge young men and women of courage and character, confident of taking (or making!) their place in the scary world outside. A school that would truly exemplify its motto and produce "Men for Others".

Loyola High School and Jr College - the school that Fr. Schoch dreamt of and built in 1961 - completes 50 glorious years this year and the thousands of Loyolites who have passed through its hallowed portals bear proud testimony to the continuing fulfillment of that dream.

To commemorate the Golden Jubilee Year of Loyola High School and Jr College, ELAN - Ex-Loyola Alumni Network - has planned a series of projects and a grand celebration in December. We call all Ex-Loyola students to come forward to participate and contribute in this once-in-a-lifetime occasion and make it truly memorable.
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